Weird Sources Of Scrap Metal You Might Not Have Considered

14 October 2020
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If you're looking around your home, trying to find things to get rid of and possibly sell, scrap metal from old appliances may have caught your eye. Depending on the type of metal, you could get anywhere from a small amount to a relatively healthy payout. However, you've got more sources of metal in your home than just old appliances. If you're in the middle of a huge cleanout, take a look at everything you're considering donating or throwing out. Read More 

How To Recycle Your Air Conditioning System

13 May 2020
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Nearly 90% of households throughout the United States make use of air conditioning. These air conditioners will last between 10 and 15 years or so, and it's important for you to know when you should change them out for a new one. But what happens to your old air conditioner when it's time to change it out for a new model? If you want to properly dispose of your old air conditioner, recycling it is the best way to go. Read More