Need Some Cash For A New Business? Consider Recycling Laptops

9 December 2017
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Starting a new business can be a complex process and one that requires a lot of care and money. One way that people like you can get capital for a business is recycling laptops. While not a huge cash cow, it is a relatively easy way to make decent money to invest in a new business.

Identifying Symptoms Of A Failing Laptop

The first thing you need to do is talk to everyone you know that has laptops and find out whether or not they are about to fail. Symptoms of laptop failure include poor battery charge, failing keyboards, and problems with the screen. A failing laptop is essentially on a downhill slope that will eventually cause it to crash and burn and cost a person a lot of money on replacement charges.

As a result, many people are typically ready to get rid of these laptops if you ask them politely. However, you may have to do them a favor or somehow benefit them before they give it up. Understanding the investment in this part of the process is probably the most important part of succeeding in this type of business.

Getting People To Give You An Old Laptop

Create a compensation model that gives people with a failing laptop reason to give them to you for recycling. For example, you could buy them for a few bucks or provide a service for them, such as mowing their lawn. You could also agree to split the recycling costs with them in a 70/30 format. You get a majority of the money here because you are doing all of the hard work.

Create advertisements in your local newspaper and online stating that you are looking for old laptops. Be honest in your advertisement and showcase why a person can benefit from giving you their old computers. In this way, you can collect hundreds of laptops in no time and take them to a recycler to get the money you deserve.

Making Money May Take Some Time

The easiest way to make money on a computer is to sell them by their parts. Many old-school computer fans or experts may be looking for older computer chips at reasonable prices. These programmers are often capable of tweaking these chips and parts and using them in a variety of ways. The exact prices people are willing to pay will vary depending on their needs.

However, you can also remove the memory and CPU chips of the computer and sell them for their gold. You can usually make just under $1.00 per computer in gold. At these prices, recycling 1,000 laptops in this way would net you $1,000 before splitting it with the people who gave you the laptops.

You can combine the sales of the gold and the computer parks to make over $5 per computer. As a result, you may be able to make up to $5,000 per 1,000 laptops recycled. With a 70/30 split, you would walk away with $3,500. All that legwork would provide you with a decent nest egg that you could use to invest back into your new business.

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