The Benefits Of Using 3/4" Recycled Asphalt In Your Construction Work

26 May 2022
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As the owner of a popular and busy construction company, you want to use the best materials in the projects for which you are hired. However, you also want to make your projects as environmentally friendly and affordable as possible.

Instead of investing in brand new materials, you might be drawn to using those that have been repurposed for your industry. You especially might prioritize using a material like 3/4" recycled asphalt in your construction work.

Lower Cost

The 3/4" recycled asphalt available to you may cost significantly less than its brand new counterpart. In fact, new asphalt can take a large chunk of your project's operating budget. You may have less cash to work with and might even put the budget for the project in jeopardy with the new asphalt's expense.

Instead of spending a fair portion of the budget on new building materials, you can buy 3/4" recycled asphalt. You may get the full amount of material you need for the work at hand and still have a respectable and practical amount of cash leftover on which to operate.

Environmentally Friendly Choice

Further, the 3/4" recycled asphalt you invest in can lower the project's carbon footprint. You and the client both may want to avoid taxing the environment with the work that must be finished. You want to avoid using brand new materials made from limited resources.

When you use 3/4" recycled asphalt, you can reuse a material that might otherwise end up in the landfill. You also avoid using new materials made from resources that are limited and taxing to harvest and manufacture. You can keep the project's carbon footprint in check and be environmentally responsible with your work.


Finally, the 3/4" recycled asphalt is serviceable and can be used with the same confidence as new asphalt. You can use it to build structures like driveways or flat top areas on a construction site. 

It is capable of lasting for as long as asphalt that is brand new. It also looks just as visually appealing. It does not suffer in appearance or versatility just because it has been recycled.

A material like 3/4" recycled asphalt can be the ideal investment to make for projects for which your company is hired. It costs less money than brand-new asphalt. It also is an environmentally friendly choice and can be just as serviceable and durable.

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