2 Mistakes To Avoid When Preparing Your Business's Copper Wiring For Recycling

16 May 2023
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If your business tends to have a lot of leftover copper wiring, you may have decided that you want to try to recycle it instead of simply throwing it away. If this is your first time doing so, you may be tempted to throw all of the scraps into a box and take it to the recycling plant as it. 

However, if you want to receive the most amount of money per pound for the wiring, you will have to do some preparation before you haul it off. While preparing the copper wiring for recycling, however, make sure that you do not make the mistakes discussed below.

1. Neglecting to Remove Any Attached Metals That Are Not Copper

One mistake that you need to avoid when you are preparing your business's scrap copper wiring is neglecting to remove anything attached to it. This includes other types of metal, such as steel and aluminum.

If you do not remove the attachments, the workers at the recycling center will have to do it for you. Because of the increased labor costs, they will reduce the amount you receive for the copper. If you plan to recycle other metals, make sure you remove them from the wiring and place them in their own bin to be weighed and processed separately.

2. Failing to Strip the Coating off of the Wires Using Manual Means

Another mistake you should avoid when getting your copper wiring prepared for recycling is failing to strip off its coating. Once again, if the center's workers must strip the wires, they will reduce the amount of money you receive per pound.

However, when you do remove the coating, make sure you do it manually and resist the temptation to take the easy way out and burn it off. Since this can change the composition of the copper metal, the center's representative will be able to detect subtle scorch marks, and you will receive less money for the wiring.

If you have decided that you should start recycling your company's copper wiring, you need to remember to remove any metals attached to the wires that are not made from copper to avoid getting less money because the center has to separate them for you. You should also manually strip the coating and resist the temptation to try burning it off since the professionals at the recycling center will be able to tell the difference and pay you less. Contact a copper recycling service in your business's area to speak to someone for more information about any particular requirements they have.